Our Games

Firebelly Studios brings together artists from all over the globe to create unique games.

Temprous: Temporus began as a simple experiment in 2D shooter technology. It quickly evolved into a full scale 2D platformer with shooter aspects. You will help command a team small team of survivoiors on the day they discover the entire species has been eradicated. How could this have occured? Who is responsible? Explore, fight and discover the truth. Find hope in the darkness and get revenge.

  • Platforms: Windows Desktop, OSX, Linux Desktop
  • Release: Beta Late 2015 (barring setbacks! watch the twitter feed)

    EvolveUs: You are tasked with training the forest creatures to grow! Do battle with magic tiles and teach the monsters to evolve! This game is a traditional tile game with aspects of monster hunting and rpg. Level up your character with gold found in the forest. The better you fight, the more chances you have to be rewarded.

  • Platforms: Android, iOS, WP8/10
  • Release: Beta mid 2015

  • A little bit about the team

    An elite squad of mostly robot cats.

    The team is made from an amazing co-op of gamers, devs, artists and friends. Learn more here.

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