The home of amphibious gaming.
Currently working on Temporus, a 2D platformer for PC, Linux and OSX.

Current Project: Temporus

Temporus is a 2D Sci-Fi Platformer set for a 2015 release on PC, OSX and Linux. It features puzzles, incredible pixel art and lots of blasting. Travel through time to discover the deep history of your planet and exact revenge on an evil force detroying your galaxy.

Past and Future Projects

Firebelly Studios has worked on mostly mobile applications as well as games. You can visit the Windows Store to check out any Windows Phone apps availible. Games in progress include Temporus, a 2D platformer on the desktop and EvolveUs, a mobile Puzzle Fighter game. Past projects include a mobile application for social parking and several game jam entries.

A little bit about the team

An elite squad of mostly robot cats.

The team is made from an amazing co-op of gamers, devs, artists and friends. Learn more here.

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